MFJ Partners

Board services and management support

MFJ Partners' executive search activities also extend to members of full boards or advisory boards. By tapping into the business experience and networks of the company Principals, especially in the fields of information technology, communications and media, MFJ Partners offers in addition a range of affordable consulting options to provide support for company board and management teams, including CEO level services.

Specialist recruitment

Although MFJ Partners offers particular skills in the technology field, it is also able to address search requirements across functional specifications (finance, legal, sales, research & development, operational management, human resources, etc) and industry groups (government, law, banking and finance, commerce, media). Where appropriate, the company will work closely with respected international search organizations on special projects.

Overseas recruitment

MFJ Partners maintains an extensive network of international contacts which allows it to provide services relating to offshore placement and recruiting, where required.

Benchmarking and competency assessment services

MFJ Partners works closely with a range of fully qualified organizational psychologists to provide various benchmarking services and to test competencies in existing or proposed candidates within an organisation.

MFJ Targeted Selection and Interim Executives

MFJ Targeted Selection

MFJ Partners provides a targeted selection service, which may include advertised recruitment should clients so wish. MFJ Targeted Selection will be most effective for those positions which have a stronger operational role, and provides the same certainty of cost and quality of outcome as MFJ Partners executive search services.

MFJ Interim Executives

For those organizations which may not wish to establish full organizational structures during a particular business phase, or where there is a need for executive skills on a temporary basis, MFJ Partners provides executive contracting services through its specialist unit, MFJ Interim Executives.

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