MFJ Partners

MFJ Partners Executive Recruitment

MFJ Partners Pty Ltd was established in May 2003 to provide high quality, good value, executive search and related services to business organizations operating in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

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It is our aim to deliver executive search results of the highest quality, respected for the integrity and expertise of our principals, the relationship with our clients and potential candidates, and our transparent and effective pricing philosophy.

We provide fully committed account management, and project management. For each project, at least one of our Principals manages the project and performs all activities associated with executive search and recruitment - we do not delegate tasks to more junior, commission-based staff, but take full responsibility throughout on a personal basis. The key outcome of this approach is an unqualified focus on quality of delivery, and flexibility to work to our clients' particular needs.

Executive Search Philosophy

We work on a retained, exclusive basis to ensure complete focus on our customer's requirements for each project, and we act professionally as your ambassador in the market. We invest the time and effort to learn as much as we can about your requirements and to represent you to the highest standard - we know we can impact on your reputation by our actions, and that impact must be a polished, positive one.

In dealing with all candidates, internal or external, we aim to provide sensitive and consistent treatment, in a way in which we would like to be treated - that is a fundamental tenet of our business. Management of candidates, successful or otherwise, is a key factor in the selection process and we maintain good contact and communication with candidates at all stages of the search and selection.

Executive Search

We do not believe simple database research alone is sufficient in order to find the best person for each role - search through competitor companies, sourcing information from customers, both existing and targeted, and general networking is essential to provide a strong talent and organisational candidate mapping for executive and senior search roles, and that's what we focus on. Clients, sources and candidates alike know they can trust us and we understand the 'contract' between our sources, candidates and customers as to confidentiality, and the need to be a strong and positive representative for our customers (and therefore, ourselves).

MFJ Partners has great research capabilities, via our independent Research Manager, who has worked with several global and local executive search firms, plus an unparalleled broad industry network and knowledge. Not only does our combined team know the talent, we understand the management, strategic, legal and technology issues and can work in fluid and changing business environments, delivering high quality results, fast.

Executive Recruitment for the IT Industry

MFJ Partners has deep experience in the information and communications technology field, and is also able to address search requirements across other industry sectors, including government, legal, banking and finance, biotechnology, new media, and general corporate functions. From the outset of our partnership, our assignments have been focused on the high technology sector, working for example with a major global telecommunications infrastructure company as its exclusive executive search agency, and commencing a relationship on a similar basis with other companies in biotech and technology in general. Our principals have expertise within both managed telecommunications network environments and information technology, including outsourcing and professional services.

We aim to work seamlessly with our clients, sharing confidences which assist in providing better service and outcomes in our work - we are your Ambassador in the market and it is important that we are perceived that way by the sources and potential candidates we contact, too.

There are also several value add features we offer as part of our service:

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